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Rules of Travian

4. 9. 2008

The below set of rules are in addition to the General Terms and Conditions of Travian. You should familiarize yourself with the General Terms and Conditions to verify what is allowed, especially in the case of an account that has been banned for a rule violation.

  • §1 Password, Registration & ownership
    Each player may only own and play one account per server.
    • §1.1 Registration
      The e-mail address used for the registration of an account must be under the personal and exclusive control of the person who registered the account. The person owning the e-mail address used to register an account is considered the owner of the account, regardless of any other personal or alliance agreements. The owner of an account is fully responsible for all actions taken with the account.
    • §1.2 Password
      The owner of an account may not transfer the password of an account to any person playing on the same game world (server). Additionally, knowingly choosing the same password on the same game world as another person is illegal; any of these actions is considered multiaccounting, as defined in these rules.

      However, it is permissible to transfer the password of an account to a person or persons playing on different game world (or not playing at all) in order to play a single account together.

      There is no compensation for damages done by someone knowing the password for an account. The Travian Team reserves the right to deny service features/compensation/help and may punish the account in question for illegal password sharing. Furthermore an account that uses an insecure password that can be easily obtained or guessed does not qualify for compensation in case of damage to the account.

      The person receiving the password is subject to the rules of Travian as well as the General Terms and Conditions.
    • §1.3 Email changes / account transfers
      In order to change the email address of your account or to to transfer your account to another player NOT playing on the same server, go into your account profile (/spieler.php?s=3) and fill out the new email information.
    • §1.4 Switching accounts
      In order to switch an account with a person on the same game world, both persons must send an e-mail message to admin@travian.com from the e-mail address currently registered for the account. The e-mail must contain the following information:
      • The game world on which the account resides
      • The nickname of the account
      • The e-mail address of the new owner.
      Afterwards both persons must request the password for their new account via the password retrieval function.
  • §2 Sitting & same pc usage
    • §2.1 Sitting
      Every player has the right to name two sitters who may play the account during an owner's absence. Sitters must play the account they are sitting to the account’s full benefit. Abuse of this function is punishable.

      Permanently sitting an account for a player that is absent for more than 2 weeks is not allowed. Foreseeable periods of absence longer than two weeks must be reported to a Multihunter before the departure of the owner.

      There is no compensation for damages done by a sitter. Owners of an account are fully responsible for the actions of any sitters for their account. In the event that sitters of an account do not follow these rules and the General Terms and Conditions of Travian, both the account owner and the sitter may be punished.

      The sitter of an account must sit the account using the account sitting function in game. The sitter of an account may not tend to an account by logging on with the password of the account they are sitting (see §1.2).

      For restrictions on resource transfers between sitters and sittees (see §3.2.).
    • §2.2 Same pc usage
      If there are two or more players using the same computer and playing on the same game world, all affected accounts must be listed in the profile by using the "PC use with another player" function of Travian. Abuse of this function is punishable.

      (Playing on different computers on the same network does not qualify as "same pc usage".)

      Players using the same computer and wanting to access each other's account must use the sitter function.

      Read §3.2 for details about limitations for resource transfers.
  • §3 Resource transfers
    Every account has to be played to its own benefit and may not be used only to support another account. Being blackmailed into sending resources exceeding the hourly production of the account as described below is not considered a benefit to the account.
    • §3.1 General
      In any 24 hour period, regular one-sided transfers with another player may only equal one hour of resource production, including marketplace transactions. One hour of resource production is the total of all resources produced in all villages without subtracting the upkeep for troops.

      The abovementioned amount of resources must be split in cases of multiple regular one-sided transfers with specific players. The size of the affected accounts does not matter.

      If your troops are reinforcing another player’s village which is under attack, you are allowed to send enough wheat to that player to feed your troops. Normally a sufficient and allowable amount of wheat is enough to keep the troops alive for another 24 hours.
    • §3.2 Sitting & same pc usage
      You may not make one-sided transfers of resources to another player entered as ‘same pc usage’ or as a sitter.

      Resources may only be traded at a ratio of 1:1 and the resource transfer has to be finished within 48 hours. An exception to this rule is the sending of crops to feed troops that are reinforcing the “same pc users” or “sitters” that get attacked. You may transfer enough wheat to feed your troops that are reinforcing such a village. These transfers should be considered rare exceptions and must stop after 3 days from the first delivery of wheat.

      In the event of a one-sided transfer, you should wait 48 hours after the last one-sided transfer has been successfully delivered before connecting with each other using the sitter function or ‘same pc usage’.

      Additionally, you must wait 48 hours before making one-sided transfers after canceling sitter status or ‘same pc usage’.
    • §3.3 Wonders of the World and Constructions Plans
      The only exception to the aforementioned rule applies to builders of Wonders of the World who actually participate in the race to the level 100 Wonder of the World. Neither the builders nor the suppliers are bound by the transfer limits.

      Furthermore the keepers of construction plans may be supplied with any amount of wheat from any account, even if it is connected via sitter or ‘same pc usage’ function, to keep the troops in the village with the construction plan alive.
  • §4 Friendly fire
    You may not allow other players to attack or conquer a village willingly if it does not clearly benefit the account being attacked or conquered (see §4.1 for village conquer restrictions). This includes villages you own or are sitting for. Being blackmailed into allowing a village to be attacked or conquered is also not permissible. All of the participants in the attack(s) may be punished.

    Resources that have been placed in a village only for the purpose of being stolen are considered the same as resources that have been sent via the marketplace (§3). This does not apply to villages which are property of the attacking account.

    Attacking accounts connected to your own account via the sitter function or ‘same pc usage’ is not permissible when there is no obvious benefit to the attacked account. This also applies to accounts in the same alliance.

    When making a complaint of friendly fire, the complaint must be sent to the Multihunter within 48 hours to be considered valid. This limit does not apply to friendly fire incidents discovered by the Multihunter on his/her own. Self-accusation can lower the punishment.
    • §4.1 Conquering villages
      It is impermissible to...
      • conquer a village belonging to an account for which you are or have been a sitter, unless two weeks have passed since canceling the sitter option.
      • conquer a village belonging to an account that has been sitting for you, unless two weeks have passed since canceling the sitter option. Abuse of this function is punishable.
      • conquer villages belonging to players entered as ‘same pc usage’, unless two weeks have passed since canceling the same pc usage. Abuse of this function is punishable.
      • conquer a village that has been part of your alliance, unless two days have passed since the account left the alliance.
      • conquer a village that is in your alliance or is in an alliance that is allied with your alliance (only alliances linked with green text are considered real confederates by Travian).
      Non-aggression pacts are not considered part of this rule. Furthermore oases are excluded from this rule.
  • §5 Use of externals
    The use of scripts or bots which automate actions (such as building upgrades, building troops, sending troops, trading, developing researches, attacking alerts or cropfinders) or modify the game interface (for example, grease monkey scripts) are against the rules. The game must be played with an unmodified internet browser. All scripts which excessively tax the server are also forbidden.
  • §6 Program errors
    Program errors (also called bugs) have to be reported to an Administrator immediately and may not be used to one's benefit. Abuse can lead to a punishment of the account.
  • §7 Money transactions
    The sale of Travian accounts as well as any indirect transfer (even as gifts) in connection with auction sites or other money transactions is impermissible.

    Any sales or purchases concerning real money regarding accounts, units, villages, resources, services or any other aspect of Travian are impermissible.
  • §8 Netiquette
    Everyone must communicate in a polite, conversational tone. Multihunters may change inappropriate profiles and village names without warning.
    1. Following behavior is punishable and applies to all descriptions, the account name, alliance names, village names and messages:
      English is the only official language tolerated.

      Participation in abusive, defamatory, sexist, racist or profane language; disparaging any religion, race, nation, gender, age group, or sexual orientation; threatening persons with actions in real life.

      Posting or transmission of any material not suitable for underage persons or violating any applicable local, provincial, national or international laws or regulations, including sexually explicit, illegal, indecent or obscene images, material or links.

      Blackmailing players in a way that violates any of Travian's rules respective the general terms and conditions.

      Displaying battle reports in public without consent of both concerned players.
    2. No player may request a real life picture of another player regardless of age or gender.
    3. No real world politics are allowed in names and descriptions.
    4. Profiles have to be kept free of content disrupting Travian's original layout.
    5. Impersonation of officials or official positions, including, but not limited to, Administrators, Multihunters and the Support, is illegal in any way.
    6. Advertisement of any kind that has not been permitted by the Travian Team is impermissible.
  • §9 Punishments
    If there is an offense against these game rules, the Multihunters and, if necessary, the Administrators will ban the account(s) in question and decide on a proper punishment. Punishments will always exceed the gain of the violation of the rules.

    Possible punishments include, but are not limited to the following:
    • full deletion or partial deletion of inhabitants (building levels and resource field levels),
    • deletion of villages,
    • partial or complete emptying of warehouses/granaries,
    • partial or complete deletion of troops,
    • removal of or from the alliance,
    • deletion of the account or permanently removing access to in game accounts.
    Resources, buildings, villages or troops lost during the time of suspension do not count as punishment.
    • §9.1 Replacements
      Resources, buildings, villages or troops lost during the time of suspension will not be replaced by the Travian Team.
    • §9.2 Gold/Plus
      1. No player has the right to claim payment or replacement for Plus/Gold time lost due to suspension.
      2. There is no special treatment for Travian Plus/Gold users regarding the game rules neither in the time needed to deal with the case nor in the punishment.
    • §9.3 Appeals
      Players may talk to the Multihunter who banned them or an Administrator either via IGM (ingame message) or e-mail. Bans, punishments or deletions are not to be discussed in public (e.g. Chat or Forums). Appeals must be written in English unless the Multihunter or Administrator expressively agrees on another language.

      Additionally, the Travian Team will not provide information to persons other than the account owner.
    • §9.4 Special regulation
      Multi accounts on the speed server and multi accounts with less than 100 population may be deleted on sight with no warning.
  • §10 Illegal Logins
    You may only access another players account via the sitter function. Abuse of the same pc usage is forbidden. Furthermore it is not permitted to gain access to another account in an illegal way. The violation of this rule can lead to expulsion from the game. The Travian Team never asks for your password.
  • §11 Instigation & Collaboration
    Inciting, manipulating, encouraging, assisting or conspiring with others or encourage others to violate any of Travian Rules is impermissible.
  • §12 Deletions
    These rules apply for players that will delete their accounts or are currently deleting their accounts without exception.
  • §13 Changing of rules
    The Travian Team reserves the right to change the rules at any time.
  • §14 Correction clause
    If individual regulations of this set of rules should be ineffective, it does not affect the validity of the remaining regulations of this set of rules. The Administrators commit themselves to replace ineffective regulations with new regulations which replace the ineffective regulations in legally permissible way. These enter into force without delay and will be used in any current case. This also applies to regulation gaps contained in the set of rules. To correct the gap the Administrators commit themselves to work toward a correction, which abides by the intended purpose of the existing rules.


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Итальянские сумки

(amsonTip, 22. 6. 2020 16:18)

Интернет-магазин https://fancybag.life/ в Москве предлагает широкий ассортимент стильных брендовых сумок и других аксессуаров из кожи. Среди аксессуаров есть стильные кошельки, чехлы для карточек, косметички, ключницы и даже интим-аксессуары: ошейники, наручники и портупеи. Все товары выполнены из качественной кожи, имеют прочные застежки и смогут прослужить Вам долгое время. Порадуйте себя красивой сумкой или подарите близкому мужчине строгий кошелек — в каталоге найдутся подарки и для себя, и для друзей.

Ремонт компьютеров и настройка

(fimrusar, 22. 6. 2020 16:09)

Москвичи теперь могут не заморачиваться с настройкой компьютера, а просто вызвать мастера. Найти специалиста можно на сайте https://komputers-best.ru/ и заказать его услуги по доступной цене. Компания оказывает услуги в ремонте и настройке компьютеров, мастер может выехать домой или в офис. Вы можете заказать настройку принтера, установку программ, администрирование Вашего компьютера или даже создание сайта. Полный перечень оказываемых услуг Вы найдете в меню на официальной странице, перейдя по ссылке.

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